Ritta Elementary honors Veterans Day

Susan EspirituEast Knox

Ritta Elementary School honored our nation’s and the Ritta community’s veterans last Thursday in preview of our national Veterans Day. The guests were celebrated with a local speaker, family-provided honor displays and moving music sung by the students.

Joseph Greer, the school’s music teacher, spoke of the significance. “It was great to see the appreciation on the kids’ faces as they saw the different branches stand up during the Armed Forces Medley. It shows they understand that these people really did something for our country. It’s important to show the significance of Veterans Day to our students, and the veterans really appreciate it!”

Families sent in pictures of their veterans, active duty or first responders to broaden the students’ understanding of past and current sacrifice and service to the community.

Shawnda Ernst, principal of Ritta, said the guests were grateful for the annual program as an important way to keep the memories of the veterans alive for the community and their families.

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