Rehab at Fort Sanders Regional helps Covid survivor

Sandra ClarkInside 640, Our Town Health

Elizabeth White, 48, is recovering from Covid as a “long-hauler,” or someone who carries effects of the vi­rus long after it has left her body. White’s symptoms started with a headache so severe that she could barely left her head off the pillow. The next day she started running a fever. Then came the diagnosis: Covid-19.

After testing posi­tive in October and then treat­ing symptoms at home, White began to experi­ence breathing problems. As soon as her oxygen levels were checked in the emergency room at Fort Sanders Regional, she was admitted.

She was discharged after eight days of hos­pitalization, finally free from Covid and pneumonia. White wasn’t free from her breath­ing problems, though. She left the hospital with an oxygen tank, unable to walk even short distances.

As a part-time critical care family coordinator at Fort Sanders, White was aware of the Cardiopulmonary Reha­bilitation Program (CROP/ PROP) at the center. She got a referral and began work with Emily Hunley, ACSM. Read more about their progress and Elizabeth White’s journey to get back to her normal: Covenant Health FSRMC Cardiopulmonary Rehab

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