Real-estate slowdown typical for holiday week

Nick McBrideOn the Grow

A weekly recap for property transfers April 15-19: A total of 207 property transfers took place compared to 250 the previous week. The total amount for these transfers was $47,701,619. The largest property transfer ($3 million) was the purchase of Zips Car Wash on Clinton Highway by James D. Wamble and wife Alisa S. Wamble.

Nick McBride

The lending transactions also saw a slight decrease with a total of 269 transactions. The amount of loans last week was $64,600,130. The largest of these is a construction loan taken out by Your Safe Storage for development of land on Dry Gap Pike, loan by Smartbank.

So far this month, last week was the slowest, which is not abnormal for a holiday week. However, if foot traffic and phone calls are any indication, we can expect the next few months to be very busy.


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