Queen Anne’s Lace at peak bloom

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Wildflower report – Old Sugarlands Trail (B to Bull Head Trail) – 7 August 2023 

  • Asiatic Day Flower – Few – At peak bloom (small but beautiful).
  • Daisy Fleabane – Some – Mostly past peak bloom; however, there are still some nice blooms in higher elevations.
  • Doll Eyes – Few – Berries.
  • False Fox Glove – Few – Just starting to bloom (higher elevations).
  • Golden Rod – Some – Appears just starting to bloom – several varieties.
  • Heal All – Many ++ – Many at peak boom but a good number of them are past peak bloom.
  • Joe Pye Weed – (1) – Right at peak bloom.
  • Mountain Mint – Few – Appear to be at peak bloom.
  • Queen Anne’s Lace – One clump – At peak bloom (pretty).
  • Reclining Saint Andrew’s Cross – Many – Mostly at peak bloom (most that I have seen on a trail).
  • Red Clover – Some – Mostly at peak bloom (last mile of the trail).
  • Saint John’s Wort – Some – Very small but appear to be at peak bloom.
  • Smooth Phlox – Many – Just starting to bloom.*
  • Southern Harebell – Many – Approaching peak bloom (Small but attractive). (Higher Elevations).
  • Tall Bellflower – Few – Well past peak bloom (about gone).
  • Thimbleweed – Few – Past peak bloom but a couple of nice ones.
  • Tick Trefoil – Many + – Mostly past peak bloom but still colorful.

Note: Last year the Cardinal Flower were at peak bloom on the last mile of this trail. Disappointingly, the only Cardinal Flower found was just budded.

*Not positive about the identification of the Phlox. According to Wildflowers of Tennessee, “The Ohio Valley and Southern Appalachians,” The Smooth Phlox should be the only Phlox that should be blooming at this time in this area. The blooms on these plants seen today are blue/lavender.

Tom Harrington is a regular hiker who reports on wildflowers in the Smokies.


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