Pollinator Week is a reminder to add native plants

Beth KinnaneEast Knox, Our Town Outdoors

It’s Pollinator Week through June 26, which means it’s time to focus some attention on doing what you can in your own backyard to support the birds, butterflies, bees and other bugs that keep Mother Nature humming right along.

Whether it is milkweeds for the monarchs, passion vines for the gulf fritillaries, cardinal flowers for the hummingbirds or wild bergamot for the bumble bees, filling your gardens with native plants is one step in the right direction for supporting the creatures that keep the fruits and vegetables coming. Not to mention making the world a prettier place.

If you need some inspiration, our friends over at the Native Plant Rescue Squad (NPRS) shared last week that the pollinator garden at the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum (KBCA) is looking “super gushy” and now is a great time visit. The KBCA is located at 2473 Wimpole Avenue, and the pollinator garden is located in the urban agricultural area near the entrance off Boyd’s Bridge Pike.

While pondering your own native plant pollinator garden, lay off the pesticides, ease back on the herbicides, and leave some water out for the critters while watering your plants.

To learn more about the Knox Botanical Garden go here and the Native Plant Rescue Squad go here.

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