‘Play ball!’ in white pants?

Susan EspirituHalls

Baseball season has officially begun and as my friend Keli Hopkins says, “Tis baseball season and white pants!”

So why would anyone think white pants would be a good idea for a sport where one slides in the grass and mud, two elements that can easily leave permanent stains.

White pants have been worn by baseball players since the sport began in the late 1800s when uniforms were made of wool which could get very hot in the summer. White reflects sunlight so it was a natural choice for uniforms as teams looked for alternatives to the hot wool uniforms.

As baseball grew in popularity in 20th century, white pants were a standard part of every level of baseball uniform and is still a popular choice for baseball players of all ages.

With white pants here to stay, how do you get them clean? Here is the tip from a baseball mom with three boys, two now in high school, who learned a fail-proof method over the last 10 years of wearing white pants: Murphy Oil Soap. Simply rub in and rinse. It really works.

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