Photos: Country fair boosts Hooves and Feathers

Haley GuidryFeature, Halls

An old-fashioned country fair was held in Halls on Saturday, where visitors could interact with farm animals, participate in a pie-baking contest and doughnut-eating contest, play carnival games, and more at the Hooves and Feathers Country Fair event.

There were vendors and games, as well as pony rides offered by rescue horses Rebel, Shane and Alexander.

Hooves and Feathers is a farm animal humane society dedicated to taking in farm animals by working with law enforcement. They have successfully helped 59 animals since their opening in April of this year.

The winners of the pie baking contest were: overall and holiday, Amanda Ogle; fruit, Diane Tudor; savory, Annie Shanks.

The winner of the doughnut-eating contest was Jeff Rudd, who was able to eat five doughnuts in one minute.

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