Parker Glass is example of sportsmanship

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, Powell

There are countless sports for young people to be involved in and participation in sports can help develop their character in various ways, teaching life skills such as discipline, determination, teamwork and leadership. Sportsmanship is also about how you conduct yourself both on and off the field even when you aren’t playing.

Parker James Glass gives everyone a life lesson as he has always demonstrated real sportsmanship in everything he does including the multiple sports he plays or supports. At 10-years-old, he believes his positive attitude will ensure everyone around him has success. According to grandmother Glynda Goosie, “Parker wants to be accepted by all walks of life, regardless of their situation. He knows no stranger.”

She says that in sports, Parker is always focused on winning, but knows that sportsmanship is the most important, so he has always been a solid leader in that regard. Even at age 10, he has earned the position of instruction associate in his mixed martial arts group which is quite the honor for someone his age.

In the end, sportsmanship is about more than just the outcome of the game. It’s about showing respect for yourself, your team, and your opponents, no matter what the score may be. Parker Glass lives for the moment and makes sure the moments include everyone around him.

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