Parents’ guide to winter fun in Farragut

Wendy SmithFarragut, The Farragut Insider

The presents are open, the house is littered with dirty dishes and scraps of wrapping paper, and the kids are happily playing with new electronics. It was another successful holiday, and everyone will be content for at least 24 hours. But, eventually, quality time will evaporate and moms everywhere will say, “These kids need to get out of the house!”

That’s why the Farragut Insider created this handy list of Fun Stuff to do in Farragut Even When it’s Cold Outside. You’re welcome.

1) Farragut parks and greenways. This one’s a little obvious because everybody knows Farragut has awesome parks and greenways. The holiday lights stay on at Founders Park at Campbell Station through December, and even if it’s cold, it’s worth bundling the kids and taking them to the park. It’s straight-up gorgeous.

While there are 16 miles of greenway in Farragut, one of the best places for trying out new bicycles and scooters is Turkey Creek Greenway. Park at Anchor Park and warm up on the greenway there before crossing to the other side of Turkey Creek Road, where the greenway is relatively flat and has killer views of the water. Good times for kids and parents alike.

2) Cool Sports: Home of the Icearium. Every kid needs the opportunity to fall down on the ice over and over. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be the next Wayne Gretzky or Dorothy Hamill. (Whoops – did I just show my age?) Look at to see the public skating schedule. There are sessions every weekday except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve through the winter holidays.

After skating, the kids will need to warm up with cocoa, and parents will definitely need some coffee. Be sure to stop at Starbucks, or any other fine Farragut food establishment, on the way home.

3) Board and Brush. If you haven’t visited this new do-it-yourself sign-making studio yet, it’s time to check it out. You can make a unique decorative item for yourself or someone else, and it’s all the rage for adult parties. But Board & Brush offers workshops for kids, too, like a recent event that featured Elsa and Anna from “Frozen.” There’s a Pick Your Project Parent and Child Workshop scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 29. See the entire schedule here.

4) Farragut Branch Library. Sure, libraries are old-school, but that’s what makes them fun. Farragut residents are fortunate to have a sweet little library, conveniently tucked inside the above-mentioned park. Dust off that library card and let the kids browse as long as they want. If you have little bitty kids at home, winter vacation is a great time to try storytime. Sessions for babies, toddlers and younger and older preschoolers continue right through the holidays, except for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. See the schedule at It’s an opportunity for parents to relax and let someone else do the reading.

Farragut is known throughout the region for its shopping, but insiders know that it has many other amenities that make it a great place to live. This is just a selection of the winter fun that’s available here, and next year, we’ll add the Farragut Community Center to the list! It’s great to be in Farragut – in any season.

Town of Farragut marketing and public relations coordinator Wendy Smith is your reliable Farragut insider.

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