Overton and Hamilton enjoy cousins camp

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, Powell

There are numerous types camps we can send our precious offspring to during the summer to advance a skill, create an adventure, or enrich their minds.

There are the traditional camps, of course, to refine a sport or an artistic skill that is being developed throughout the year.

Some kids are adventurous enough and parents brave enough to tackle outdoor camps that include a variety of experiences like as rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, camping, and zip-lining. (That would not be this parent, I dare to say.)

There are the more academic camps that stretch the intellectual side and offer opportunities for learning and intellectual stimulation during the summer such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) camps focusing on hands-on learning and exploration.

Some parents and grandparents create their own camps within in their family as a type of reunion camp. I do this with a Grammie Camp around the Christmas season when my nine finally have a two-day break in sports activities and they can come together. Of course, it has to revolve around games and competition.

My friend Lori Overton and her sister, Lisa Hamilton, recently completed the third annual Cousins Camp, a week-long camp for their combined five grandchildren ranging in age from 2-9. The week was spent in games, Bible stories, and planned activities. There is a. younger one just waiting to attend.

This year’s theme was Jonah and the Whale. The kids picked out costumes, made props and put on a play about Jonah and of course made a whale craft.

Lori said, “The kids love being together and this year we went swimming, and the most fun thing we did, according to one of mine was eating the snacks!”

Most of us check out the snacks at any venue we attend, so I totally appreciate the honesty of that little one’s comment!

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