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With Independence Day falling on Tuesday, last week seemed to have two Mondays! Nonetheless, we are happy for our freedoms and the holiday to observe them.

If you have not checked out our new website yet, you are missing out. We have several resources to benefit the citizens of Knox County. One thing I want to bring to attention is the Weekly Real Estate Transfers page. This provides information on the property sales of the prior week – both residential and commercial. You can also sign up to have the report emailed to you every Monday by entering your email and clicking “subscribe here”:

During the week we recorded 1,095 deeds including 258 Trust Deeds and 225 Warranty Deeds. The 258 loans came to a sum of $73.49 million. One loan was made with a value greater than a million dollars: Voya Investment Management LLC funded the loan at $1.87 million.

The Warranty Deeds recorded reflected property transferred with a total value of $93.62 million. Among the transactions, five properties sold for over one million dollars, three of which were commercial properties. Two of the commercial sales involved Sugarland WAK LLC and Turner Homes LLC in the Snowmass subdivision located off East Emory Road.

Sugarland WAK LLC bought six condo units in one building for $1.6 million and another building with five units for $1.33 million. The corporation now has complete ownership of six of the buildings in the neighborhood.

The third commercial property to sell is behind the Walmart Supercenter at Walker Springs Road. On the map sourced from Google, the light area shows the currently undeveloped 14 acres with frontage on both Walker Springs Road and N. Gallaher View Road. Walker Springs Properties sold the property to MREP-Rowan LLC for $5.12 million.

The three-year comparison chart reflects the higher interest rates that are in place right now. While the number of Warranty Deeds is down from the last two years, the value of 2021 has been surpassed.

For your convenience, I have included the homepage for our new website: There, you can find information on our Property Fraud Alert Program, which alerts you of any recordings affecting your name, business name and/or real estate in Knox County. Follow this link to sign up for the free service. No spam is sent, and your information will not be sold.

Have a great weekend! – Nick

Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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