New sidewalk for linear park at Powell Middle School

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Knox County will rebuild the greenway/sidewalk in front of Powell Middle School, the committee working on a linear park there has learned. The new construction will be asphalt, 10-feet wide, moved away from the road and extended to Clinton Highway.

Jim Snowden, senior director of Engineering and Public Works, and Bobby Greene of EPW met Jan. 14 with Powell community representatives Jerry Sluder and Margaret Massey-Cox.

In a follow-up email, Snowden wrote: “We have completed our cost evaluation of the two upgraded greenway options. As first thought, the asphalt option is significantly less expensive than concrete (20K vs. 100K). Therefore, we will be recommending the upgrades to occur using asphalt, with the meandering alignment. We’ll be happy to work with you and the others to complete this work in the Spring/Summer 2019.”

Other committee members are Carolyn Wells and Sandra Clark (bench sales) and Hannah Thress Noll (landscaping).

“We’re excited that Knox County will replace the deteriorating sidewalk in front of the middle school,” said Massey-Cox. “And we appreciate the patience of the community and the school as we proceed to create a linear park at Powell Middle and beautify the western entrance to Historic Powell Station.”

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