Musicians and chefs ~ What a combo!

Susan EspirituDowntown, Our Town Neighbors

I flopped at clarinet in sixth grade and attempted piano for five years but still can’t play chopsticks! I cook but mostly with very simple recipes, and cannot tell you what spice is needed if something tastes off.

When friend Nan Scott said, “The Knoxville Symphony members created both musical and edible masterpieces! Enjoying them together was enjoyable and delicious!” in telling me about her evening at the Symphony League Dinner, I was intrigued.

Turns out, it’s true. Every year, the musicians themselves feature their culinary talents as a fundraiser for the Knoxville Symphony League at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral and it’s a sellout with a waiting list.

So, if you miss your ticket next year, just holler. I’m sure I’ll have something in the microwave and the radio on.

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