‘Miracles & Mingling’ is day to celebrate art

Susan EspirituNorth Knoxville

Come for a day of artistic wonder and inspiration at the inaugural Miracles & Mingling: Art Competition & Celebration on Saturday, November 4, 2023, Noon – 2 p.m. at Broadway Event Center, 4683 Old Broadway, Knoxville.

This will be an event where miracles happen through the strokes of a brush, the rhythm of a dance and the harmony of joined hearts.

Jackie Holloway, founder of Canvas Can Do Miracles and sponsor of the event, says simply, “I’m really passionate about Canvas Can Do Miracles because art saved my life.”

So, when Jackie says the arts hold a special place in her heart, she isn’t speaking in clichés. She is speaking from a truth formed from life-altering experiences with art. See an article I was fortunate to write: Jackie Holloway: Healing with Art

She knows everyone should have access to quality art education and services, and for over 15 years Canvas Can Do Miracles has focused on increasing art awareness through behavioral therapy.

Jackie reminds us, “Addiction, economic struggle, crime and neglect aren’t going anywhere and those who are suffering deserve more than acknowledgement. They are worthy of compassion, understanding and services to aid their unique and sometimes difficult circumstances.”

To get information about the day and purchase tickets, click here.

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