Mindy Eidson-Miles kayaks Beaver Creek

Susan EspirituOur Town Neighbors, Powell

When I think Beaver Creek, I remember my son and his friend fishing from the bank of the creek at the edge of our back yard, catching stringers of brim and small-mouth bass. Fast forward, 30 years later, and there are flotillas going down the creek for daylong kayak adventures.

Mindy heading west on Beaver Creek

Recently, I followed along with Mindy Eidson-Miles as she adventured on Beaver Creek. First, she connected with the Beaver Creek Kayak Club who answered every question she had starting with, “Hey all, putting in for first time at Brickyard Road launch. Which way do we go after putting in? This is our first adventure out of our comfort zone.”

Answers abounded with a lot of support: “Karns is right, Halls is left” said one. “Head west toward Clinton Highway for a 3-hour float to Roy Arthur Park on Harrell Road,” answered another responder.

Following the advice of the experienced kayakers, Mindy launched behind Powell High School and floated to Harrell Road launch. When asked how long it took them to make the trip, she responded, “It took us about 5 hours but we stopped a lot. Had we not stopped, it would have been about a 3-½ hour paddle.”

Mindy says there are plenty of places to stop for lunch, sit and enjoy the surroundings and the trip “did not disappoint!”

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