Michael Jesenick answers his own call with Data Tech 11

Susan EspirituEast Knox

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been challenged staying up-to-date with the fast pace of technology and the necessity of using it effectively, especially since the pandemic.

When Michael Jesenick says, “There is one single truth that I have observed over the years, and that is technology waits for no one.  It doesn’t care if you are ready or that you wish it would just stay the same, because you are comfortable with it.  Technology will always be evolving,” I know he understands our plight and I wanted to hear his story. It is a fascinating one.

Aniken Skywalker is Michael’s metaphor for life as we all lose our way sometimes but can find the way back.

Michael owns Data Tech 11, a computer consulting business located in East Knox County beside Stormer’s Hardware. Data Tech 11 is neither the beginning nor the end of Michael’s journey which is captured by his favorite quote from Gary Vaynerchuk, “If you’re not dreaming big for yourself, who’s doing it for you?” or by his favorite pastime of fishing, because he loves the challenge of catching a big fish.

Michael’s journey evolved from being a satellite dish and cable television installer to a telephone technician to a contractor field technician working for himself.

However, in 2020, while still contracting as a technician, Michael did a Google search in his area for a computer repair place and found there were not any, so his journey continued.

While shopping in Stormer’s Hardware, he saw a “for rent” sign in the window next door. He asked about it and the owner showed him the location. Despite the pandemic lockdown, and his uncertainty about how he was going to make it happen, Michael said, “I knew I had to try or it would bother me for the rest of my days.”

Michael handed out business cards to folks in the parking lot and created a social media page on all the platforms, plus joined local Facebook groups, being active on their pages.

Longtime customer Susan Dillard says, “There is no danger of me being described as very computer literate. I discovered Michael a couple of years ago and appreciate that he can speak a language a technophobe like me can understand. He has serviced my laptop, sold me a replacement when needed, and is patiently instructive. I particularly value the phone access service Data Tech 11 offers for an annual fee. It saves time and angst. As I see it, Michael aims to diagnose and fix computer issues and sometimes the people who cause them.”

Michael says a big lesson learned over the years is patience and to not give up when you hit the first obstacle. He says the solution can end up being the next thing you try or the 17th thing.  He says always looking for ways to enjoy the journey is another lesson learned through experience.

Data Tech 11 at 8616 Asheville Hwy.

Michael’s next “big fish” is to open a video game side to his business. He will buy, sell and trade Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo games and consoles.

Michael is married to Kristi Sharp Jesenick whose family is from the Carter community and another reason for their anchor in the East Knox County area.

Good luck, Michael! Thank you for the example of not giving up on your big dreams!

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