Meet the D1 Training team

Sandra ClarkWest Knox County

To understand the program, you must know the story.

Will Bartholomew, captain of the University of Tennessee football team that won the 1998 national championship, had embarked on an NFL career with the Denver Broncos when he was sidelined by injury. He returned to Knoxville to rehab but could find no place to truly train.

“No place had the appetite for training at the level of an elite athlete,” he said. He needed training like that at Division I schools: the best coaches, equipment, workout programs and community.

He launched D1 Sports Training in 2001 and now has facilities across the country.

Devin Driscoll bought the Hardin Valley facility from Bartholomew and now owns two franchises and operates three D1 on-campus locations.. “We train the entire body for optimum performance,” he says. “We are not like any ordinary gym. We offer the tools and resources needed to reach – and then exceed – your goals.”

D1 Training in Hardin Valley offers on-site physical therapy through Tennessee Orthopedic Clinic, weight rooms, multi-layered turf and professional trainers. Info: here or phone 865-622-7117.

D1 Training in Hardin Valley has joined as a sponsor of the Monday feature Our Town Health. We will have occasional updates on programs at D1.

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