Newport Mayor Dykes gets 2023 Fatherhood Excellence Award

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Mayor Roland ‘Trey’ Dykes

Father’s Day just passed and many of us celebrated the legacy left us by an amazing dad. The Dykes family had the opportunity to have an extra special Father’s Day celebration this year. Newport Mayor Roland “Trey” Dykes III was one of four recipients of the the 2023 Fatherhood Excellence Award presented at the 7th Annual Father’s Day Celebration and Scholarship Brunch, sponsored by the Beta Theta Boule’ Fraternity and Foundation Inc.

Hearing from both Mayor Dykes and his sister Kathy Sims it is clear the legacy started with the first Mayor Roland Dykes, who once said, “Family means everything to me, and I have tried to instill values in my children…”

Roland Dykes, father of Mayor Dykes, Kathy Sims, Stephanie Stewart, Gary Dykes, Dion Dykes, and Scottie Dykes and grandfather to Trey Dykes IV

Mayor Roland “Trey” Dykes says of being this year’s recipient of the Fatherhood Excellence Award, “The recognition that I received would not have been possible without our parents, especially Dad. When I am asked what is the most important aspect about being a ‘Father’, I always say just being present in your children’s lives. I was blessed to have a great role model that was always present and would always meet and support me wherever I was in my life.”

Kathy Dykes Sims of Knoxville echoes the sentiment about their parents, “I am so proud of my brother. Witnessing the award presentation brought out a lot of emotions for me. I could not help but wonder what our parents, especially our father, would say if they were alive to see that their son was being recognized for being a great father. Roland reminds me so much of my late father in so many ways. Our father led by example, a great father, a man of integrity, great character, and a strong work ethic. I love how my brother has put family first, has displayed the same qualities, and is so actively involved in making the community he lives in a greater place.”

Fathers are a source of inspiration and guidance for their children and also future generations, serving as a reminder of love, dedication, and contributions to society. Mayor Roland Dykes exemplifies the generational contributions passed on by his father and now by himself.

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