Malachi Dunford and Landon Hunley learn through missions

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, West Knoxville

There are many ways to learn character, humility and service to the community. Two CAK students learned it through a mission trip with their church and received lessons that could never be taught in a class, but ones they can share for a lifetime through their experiences.

Malachi Dunford, village member, and Landon Hunley in Kenya

Last week, I wrote about Faith Promise Church partnering with 410 Bridge on an exploratory mission trip to Kenya. Along with the 13-person team of missionaries were Malachi Dunford and Landon Hunley.

Malachi and Landon, ages 9 and 12, were able to experience the rich culture of East Africa through engaging with Kenyan children in the Discovery Kids program among many other activities. Melissa Tindell, mission team member, says those experiences, “help students discover their spiritual talents through teaching of Biblical virtues.”

Malachi said of his experience, “I enjoyed getting to play with kids my own age and learning about where they live.”

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