Magical, perfect, amazing: New playground for Green

Susan EspirituEast Knox, Our Town Youth

“It was only a few years ago I learned that there is no county funding for school playgrounds. It has to come from the parents. That sounds fine but in reality, what happens is rich kids in rich neighborhoods have amazing playgrounds while those in our poorest communities are often old and rundown. There just shouldn’t be such disparity in something so basic as play. Green Magnet is in one of our poorest zip codes and their playground was very sad. My family and I are thankful we are in a position to help but do hope that a more sustainable, scalable solution can be found for all children in Knox County.” The words of Randy Boyd when I asked him about his recent funding of Green Magnet Academy’s new playground.

Here are some quotes from students and staff:

The student services officer is on the first floor and could feel the thrill of each class, students and teachers, getting their opportunity to play. “Seriously, it was magical.”

Emily Fain Lynch, School counselor, enjoying the new playground at Green Magnet

Social worker Ashley Giles said, “I enjoyed being in the moment spending time with the kids where we didn’t have other distractions. After waiting so long for the playground to be open, it was great to see them smile, have fun and work together. I couldn’t help but join in.”

Teacher Kirkland stated, “I LOVE the new playground, specifically, the soccer field, because I grew up playing soccer. Playing kids vs adults soccer was some of the most fun I have had in a long time. We work hard in the classroom, so it is important for students to have time to move their bodies. I work hard to cultivate relationships in the classroom, but getting to play a sport that I love with them has been strengthening relationships tremendously. “

Kavon Lowery, Alijah Satterwhite, Dominic Hicks, and Dequarious Olvey enjoy new playground at Green Magnet

Fifth grader Kavon Lowery, “This is the perfect playground to play tag, and it even has places to just hang around in.”

Classmate Dominic Hicks, “This playground is good cause it added real soccer goals with more room to run around. You can even do parkour. It’s actually real improved (from previous playground).” When asked what did he thought about the teachers playing soccer with them, Hicks responded, “That was amazing!”

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