Lisa Light takes Jaxon and Jayde on summer kick-off adventures

Susan EspirituKarns/Hardin Valley, Our Town Youth

Grandparenting holds many possibilities for the empty nester who is excited to have little ones back in the mix to fill the house with the sound of giggles, slamming doors and stomping feet. Grannies can provide a date night babysitter, the special one-of-kind homemade chocolate chip cookies, or the spur of the moment taxi solution. Or you could have Jaxon and Jayde Mitchell’s granny, Lisa Light, who is not your average grandmother, but one who is bent on providing lively adventures for her grands. Granny Lisa had Jaxon and Jayde choose a summer kickoff adventure and each knew exactly how they wanted to kick off this holiday season.

Jayde with her mall treat during her summer kick-off

Jayde decided a two-day sleepover with Granny was her best life including a trip to the mall with Starbucks and Hippie Bowl treats, not to exclude a little shopping for some cheerleading earrings. Jayde and Granny completed their time with arts and crafts and I would imagine some spectacular homemade cookies were in the mix as well!

Jaxon had a little more 9-year-old boy ready for his Granny in the “nature kick-off” as Jaxon renamed his adventure. He wanted a big creek where they could wade and look for critters. Granny and Jaxon spent two days hiking and finding creek areas, exploring and catching all kinds of critters. They also had Hippie Bowls, climbed trees, accidentally found a petting zoo and had a little car accident.

Granny drove off the edge of the concrete looking for a hike

Somewhere near Briceville, Granny and Jaxon found a place to hike but didn’t see the ledge in front of the car so it hung up on the concrete. Some very kind ATV riders pulled the car off the concrete so they could continue on with the day, undeterred.

If you are like me, my big question was, “What is a Hippie Bowl?” It is evidently a delicious treat from Clinton Drug store!

Special adventures with grandmothers are cherished memories and Granny Lisa definitely has a way of making them unique, exciting and fun so they will be unforgettable.

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