Lisa Clark-Cox treats her customers like family

Susan EspirituKarns/Hardin Valley, Our Town Neighbors

Businesses with exceptional customer service not only create a positive experience for customers, but also build strong relationships and encourage customer loyalty. Lisa Clark-Cox, shift manager for the Karns Bojangles, believes serving the customer is more than filling the orders at the counter. She says,” I really do care about our customers. I know their ups and downs. We love all our regulars and we do honestly worry about them.”

Jennifer Jones (general manager), Frankie, Lisa Clark-Cox (shift manager)

I saw Lisa demonstrate this concern for their regulars in a recent post on the Karns community Facebook page when she asked, “Hey guys this is Lisa from Bojangles with kind of a silly question, I’m not even sure if anyone can answer. One of our customers, Frankie, who drives the green truck and we have not seen him in about a month. Has anyone seen him or know if he’s okay?”

The post was flooded with responses, but mainly one from Frankie’s niece who replied that his truck was needing repair, however she would let him know of the concern from Lisa and Jennifer, the general manager of Bojangles.

Lisa said his neighbor showed him everything from the post, and “he was just completely smiling and it made his whole day to know people cared about him.”

Frankie is back to his daily breakfast at Bojangles, and according to Lisa, “I’m positive he would love it so much if someone would just come in and have coffee with him.”

So, stop by some morning to chat with Frankie, Lisa, and Jennifer to definitely start your day off with a smile.

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