Linda Sullivan’s passion for books is a bonus for you

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We are starting a new section on Thursdays titled “Our Town Readers.” This new section is under my byline, but I’m unashamedly plagiarizing my dear friend Linda Sullivan, with her permission of course!

You see, Linda is a member of no less than four book clubs with her first group started over 14 years ago. Three in person groups go from reading all genres to all female authors on to contemporary non-fiction books while the online group is a Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club.

Des Moines Library

Linda says, “Libraries and bookstores are my favorite places to be, and I visit an independent bookstore or the local library when I travel.” I have seen her record these  travels as recently as a trip to Des Moines, Iowa, where she visited the breathtaking Des Moines Public Library with its glass walls lit up at night with comfortable chairs lining the windows for patrons like Linda. She also visited three bookstores in town with Dog Eared Books being her favorite.

Linda says, I can’t remember a time when a book wasn’t stashed in a purse or book bag just in case there’s a free minute to read a few pages. My dream is to open an independent book store that would serve as a community space.”

Dog Eared Books a bookstore in Des Moines, Iowa

She also says that reading and recommending books is her love language, so whether you’re looking for your next back porch read, intellectual novel or bedtime therapy, check back each Thursday, beginning this week for Our Town Readers’ recommendations from book whisperer, Linda.

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