Linda Sullivan recommends a trilogy by Backman

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Our Book Whisperer Linda Sullivan is recommending a trilogy this week, written by Fredrick Backman, a New York Times bestselling author.

Linda describes Backman’s writing as incredible and says, “My throat is tight, and I’m feeling a bit teary. I love the characters in these stories and one in particular (Benji!!!), so the book hangover is real, friends.”

Who doesn’t love an author who writes the dedication of his book to his grandmother? Backman writes, “For my grandmother, Saga Backman, who taught me to love sports. What a quiet life I would have lived without her. I hope that the big bar in heaven serves proper dry martinis, and that they always show Wimbledon on the big screen. I miss you.”

Linda tells us that hockey is the backdrop that drives the stories, but we don’t need to know anything about the sport, thank goodness. She says, “The story is about relationships and how a dedication to a sport can define those relationships. What are you willing to sacrifice? What are you willing to turn a blind eye to? “

First read: Beartown explores the promises of the junior hockey team that bring a small community together and the secrets that tear it apart.

Second read: Us Against You sequels and follows the hockey team as it struggles to survive a nasty scandal.

Final read: The Winners continues the story of the close knit, resilient community as residents recover from the past.

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