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Linda Sullivan, our book whisperer, introduces us to Angeline Boulley, an American author known for her debut novel, Firekeeper’s Daughter, published in 2021 which has received numerous awards and nominations. The book has also been praised for its authentic representation of Native American characters and incorporation of Ojibwe language and culture due to Boulley being of Ojibwe descent, drawing inspiration from her Native American heritage into her writing.

Of Firekeeper’s Daughter, Linda says:

Put this one in your suitcase or better yet, if you’re driving, get the audiobook.

A young woman, Daunis is caught between two cultures, her Anishinaabe (Indigenous tribe) family and her white mother’s family. When tragedy strikes her community, she’s drawn in to help solve a mystery. I won’t tell you more about the plot, although I’m tempted.

After I turned the last page months ago, I still think about the story frequently. I learned so much and want to read even more. My fingers are crossed for a sequel!

Also, how beautiful is this cover? I really do judge a book by its cover.

Well, Linda and readers, Netflix is making Firekeeper’s Daughter into a miniseries coming soon.

Warrior Girl Unearthed by Angeline Boulley:

Linda says, it’s not quite the sequel, but the main character of Fire Keeper’s Daughter is the aunt of the main character in this one.

I loved Firekeeper’s Daughter and couldn’t wait to return to Sugar Island and the Anishinaabe culture.

Perry Firekeeper-Birch is looking forward to a laid-back summer, but after crashing the Jeep she shares with her twin, she’s forced to take a job in the Kinomaage Summer Internship Program. A job she expected to be boring becomes anything but! Perry learns that her ancestors’ remains and possessions have been denied their proper resting place due to government policies and collectors. She’s enraged and makes a plan with Team Misfit Toys to repatriate the remains.

Once again Boulley’s fiction introduced me to a subject I knew little about. I’ll never look at museum collections quite the same way.

Read this one before you head to your next museum trip!

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