Lexie Austin returns to Karns Middle as coach

Susan EspirituKarns/Hardin Valley, Our Town Youth

An alma mater has special connections for most of us, but for some, like Lexie Austin, a culmination of commitments made her whole life have brought her back to her alma mater Karns Middle School. Lexie has a deep understanding of the culture, traditions and expectations through her time playing and coaching, because she has put a lot of time into the Karns community basketball.

Lexie playing basketball for Karns Middle School

Lexie playing basketball at Karns High School and also serving as captain for the team

Lexie played for both Karns Middle School and Karns High School basketball teams. She has coached Karns recreational league basketball for both girls and boys teams as well as being an AAU head coach for several organizations.

Now, she steps into the role of Karns Middle School assistant girls basketball coach, so, as she says, “Once a Lady Beaver, always a Lady Beaver.” Lexie will bring her passion and skillset for the game as “Coach Lexie.” Karns has definitely hit one out of the park with this hire (maybe wrong sport but right analogy.)

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