Let them shoot turkeys

Sandra ClarkFeature

Virtually everything is closed. City officials are taking down tennis nets and locking gates. The governor has ordered people to stay at home except for essential services. Yet today we got this press release:

“Managed turkey hunts coordinated through Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will begin as scheduled on April 7.

“Legal turkey hunters will be allowed to hunt in Prentice Cooper State Forest during their regularly scheduled dates,” Cumberland District Forester Andy McBride said. “Hunters do not hunt in groups, nor are there large numbers of them during these hunts for safety reasons. They naturally practice social distancing when they hunt.”

Navitat has closed temporarily and had hoped to reopen around April 10.

Knox Birds: has cancelled its April meeting and invited Ron Hoff to speak at the May meeting about his recent trip to Australia. Info: knoxbirds.org.

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