Lending slows down as the holidays approach

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We have recently added a Top Lenders report to our website. This will outline the top lenders for each month. If you are interested in the mortgage and lending statistics for Knox County, be sure to check out the register’s section of the county website, http://www.knoxcounty.org/register.

Nick McBride

We can tell that the holidays are just around the corner because the sales and lending have slowed. This past week our office recorded 375 loans and 224 property transfers. The 375 loans equaled $91.9 million which seems like a lot until you compare with the previous week’s total of $165.1 million. Property transfers were also close to the previous week in number and not too far off in dollar amounts. The week of Nov. 16, 2019, ended with $61.24 million dollars in transfers compared to the previous week’s $67.19 million.

The largest commercial property deal was a $6.8 million-dollar sale between Lease Fund I LLC and 5320 Clinton Highway LLC for the Walgreens property located at the corner of Merchant Drive and Clinton Highway. This transfer was also the largest loan acquired during the week, $5.23 million from BSPRT CMBS Finance LLC.

Be sure to visit the website for more statistics.

Nick McBride is the register of deeds for Knox County.

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