Knox the Fox joins Cathy Munsey’s bus tour

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Bus touring is an incredible way to explore and experience new places by allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey while someone else takes care of the planning and driving.

Knox the Fox sneaked onto a recent bus trip with my friend Cathy Munsey and 55 others with Common Sense Travel providing all the convenience and comfort as they saw the beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks while making new friends as they traveled from Tennessee to Maine through the states of Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and the various cities throughout Maine.

Nine days of memorable stops with Cathy noting some that created more outstanding ones, like their first stop in Chantilly, Virginia, at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum when they saw and actually participated in a simulated ride through space.

The day at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, created those cherished silly, fun outings. The group visited cows where Cathy got kissed by one. She ended a full day of touring with a first experience of cracking a whole lobster at Maine Lobster Restaurant, a true Maine experience.

Another favorite was the group’s trolley car tour of Kennebunkport. The saw the town’s beautiful homes, including former President George Bush’s estate on Walker’s Point and his boat, Pineapple.

Cathy and several of the group felt a personal connection to the Boott Cotton Mill Museum in Lowell, Maine, since many had relatives that had worked in cotton mills, so it was interesting to see how cotton was woven into fabric.

Knox the Fox poses with Cathy Munsey by the Marilyn Monroe statue at the public works area by the Potomac River

I should mention Cathy retired from Bell South in 2016, and recently discovered a knack for acting so is now affiliated with Stair Agency! Naturally, the public works of art along the Potomac riverfront with the Marilyn Monroe statue was also a favorite!

Cathy said, “Many miles were traveled through this northeastern part of our country and it has so much history to see and for us to learn how our country has progressed through the years!”

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