Knox the Fox runs with the bulls and Luke Lampley

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Of course, Knox the Fox didn’t really run with the bulls this summer in Pamplona, Spain, but Luke Lampley was adventurous enough to do it. Luke is a senior at the University of Tennessee, studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, for the summer. While he is there, he’s traveling to Germany, Switzerland, France, Morocco, Italy and soon will hit England and Ireland on his way back to Munich to fly out and come home on July 19.

When Luke sent his mom, Karen Lampley, a picture of himself with a group of bull runners, she joked, “He said he was going to do this, but I didn’t believe him. Turns out they will let anybody run with the bulls.” Yes, they, in fact, will let anyone run with the bulls as long as they are 18 years old, show up at 8 a.m. any morning from July 6 -14 during the San Fermin festival and understand the risks involved.

A friend asked Karen if Luke told her before or after he did the deed, and she responded that he must have posted the pictures after the run with the bulls, because his text simply said, “I survived.”

She knows Luke will have many adventures to remember from his trip this summer, some mom Karen may or may not hear about. Karen knows some adventures never get recounted to the mom, as she remembers telling her mother-in-law about a bungee jumping adventure of her husband in New Zealand, much to the surprise of his mom who had never heard about it.

Luke can share some of those adventures, so we can live vicariously through the escapades of a 21-year-old.

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