Knox the Fox joins friends at Fripp Island

Susan EspirituOur Town Adventure Seekers

After avoiding Echo Canyon last week, Knox the Fox slipped into a relaxing beach trip with Keli Hopkins when she went to one of her favorite places, Fripp Island, South Carolina.

She says, “We just wanted to have a sisters’ weekend and the opportunity was there, so we took it.”

Fripp Island has been a part of her family’s life for more than 50 years. Her husband’s family used to have a place there, and he went for the first time when he was 6 weeks old. Now the families go a few times a year, and Keli says she loves to go with girlfriends too!

Knox the Fox is not enjoying one of the protected, free-roaming deer on Fripp Island

The 3.5-mile-long barrier island off the coast of South Carolina provides a peaceful and secluded atmosphere with pristine beaches, diverse wildlife and resort amenities to suit everyone’s needs.

Personally, my family loves the island too, as it offers a laid back, family-friendly place for all to be together on vacation. Maybe, Knox will go find his place with us when we go for vacation in a couple of months!

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