Knox the Fox goes on the trip that finally happened

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Our friends got married on my husband’s birthday so we planned to celebrate his 70th birthday on their anniversary with an Alaska cruise in May 2020.

Dottie Montgomery and her daughters, Amanda Giles and Amy Hrinyak, had talked about, planned and purchased tickets to go to Scotland on a mother-daughter trip in July 2020.

We all know what happened to those two trips: tickets cancelled and plans remained a future promise.

Dottie and her daughters fulfilled their future promise, planning their trip again for this summer. All three traveled from different locations, met at the airport in Scotland and found that it was still daylight at 10:30 p.m. With dawn beginning at 5 a.m. the crew never really saw darkness during their adventure which allowed for a lot of sightseeing.

Urquhart Castle

Dottie’s crew saw the typical sites including several castles in Edinburgh, Dunvegan, Urghart, Inveraray, Eileen Duran and Sterling among many other awe-inspiring stops on their packed daily itinerary.

Dottie’s favorite place, however, was a bed and breakfast in Edinbane, Isle of Skye, on a dead-end road in the middle of pasture fields filled with sheep. She says, “To get to this area it was a full day’s journey on a one-lane road with 2-way traffic, with many places to pull over when approaching another car! The road had cattle guards and several times there were sheep in the road so we would have to stop. We saw and touched the hairy Highland cows, very cute.”

The trip did not disappoint as the weather was perfect and Dottie says the scenery was breathtaking from every vantage point with lots of her favorite wildflowers covering the fields. The stops along the way provided shopping, and great food which is a priority for every trip.

The group didn’t miss out on the Scottish pubs either so they enjoyed a complete Scottish experience. In Dottie’s words, “it was an unforgettable trip.” Knox the Fox is such a clever tag-a-long on these one-of-a-kind trips.

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