Knox the Fox goes ‘Down Under’ with Helen Agee

Susan EspirituOur Town Adventure Seekers

Helen Agee just returned from her self-described “trip of a lifetime,” spending two weeks in Australia and New Zealand with her brother-in-law and his girlfriend.

A trip to Australia and New Zealand is indeed an experience of a lifetime. You can visit many tourist destinations and join in exciting adventures as Helen’s crew chose unique ones for this special journey in addition to the expected.

Helen Agee overlooking the Twelve Disciples

Of course, they chose to go to the iconic Sydney Opera House to see Verdi’s Requiem as that would be on every list of must see and do.

Helen and crew were also adventurous, climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge and one of Helen’s favorites, riding the Dart Boat of Queenstown. She says, “It was especially exciting as the thrilling 360-degree turns in sometimes three inches of water made for a rather cold but exhilarating ride. “

The picturesque landscapes and stunning views of the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne was another favorite all-day tour on the way to the Twelve Apostles landmark. Helen compared the travel to the Pacific Coast Highway in the beauty and power of the ocean.

Their adventures were many over the fun-filled and busy two weeks, leaving Helen to say, “This trip will always remain as one of my favorite places to visit.”

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