Knox the Fox finds the Gibsons at Tybee Island

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Liana Gibson and son Bellamy didn’t realize Knox the Fox was tagging along on their recent trip to Tybee Island, located off the coast of Georgia. Liana has been there a few times saying, “I just love it, because you see families, young people, old folks and party people. It’s really a non-assuming place for everybody.”

The Gibson family also loves the island for its clean wide beach for flying kites, warm ocean water and how the dolphins swim up and down the beach often throughout the day.

A pod of dolphins swimming the shore at Tybee Island

Liana recounts how one morning Bellamy told her not to be scared because he had seen fins in the water, but assured her the fins belonged to dolphins, not sharks. It seems the dolphin pods swim in the bay together allowing viewers to see whole dolphin families, even baby dolphins.

Liana gives two unique recommendations: a specific boat tour and an-out-of-the-way lighthouse.

The Captain Mike Dolphin Boat Tour was an hour and a half boat ride on the bay giving up-close encounters with dolphins and their behaviors. Liana said, “We learned more about Tybee’s dolphins on the tour. It was really cool, because the dolphins would ride and jump in the waves of the boat’s wake. Some would even turn their bellies up which we learned dolphins do when playing.”

Cockspur Lighthouse

Cockspur Lighthouse on Tybee Island isn’t as well known as the Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum but according to Liana the locals love her. According to Liana’s research the Union bombarded Fort Pulaski in April 1862, and during a 36-hour siege the little lighthouse was right in the line of fire. Miraculously the lighthouse survived with almost no damage. The locals say she’s so small the soldiers shot right over her.

Liana and Bellamy enjoyed a great trip to Tybee Island and this writer is ready to pack a beach towel and head south.

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