KCS announces school re-opening task force

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Knox County Schools has formed a Community Task Force to provide feedback on data the district is collecting regarding the upcoming school year.

The task force is made up of nine community members who were recommended by each school board representative, and it will be led by Dr. Jerry Askew, president of the Alliance for Better Nonprofits.

Task force members are:

  • District 1: The Rev. Sam Brown, pastor at Logan Temple
  • District 2: Joan Grim, University of Tennessee theory & practice in teacher education
  • District 3: Melanie Craig, PTSO board member
  • District 4: Jonathon Fortner, president of Sequoyah Elementary Foundation
  • District 5: Susie Carr, KCS parent/PTSO board member
  • District 6: Michelle Pickler, community/school volunteer
  • District 7: Rob Cummings, KCS parent/school administrator
  • District 8: Steve Hunley, local business owner, and
  • District 9: Brannan Gillenwater, KCS parent/local business owner.

The task force will meet on Mondays, June 22 and June 29, at 5 p.m. at the Sarah Simpson Professional Development Center – Great Room, 801 Tipton Ave. A presentation will be made to the board at its July 8 work session. The meetings will be open to the public.

Josh Flory is a multi-media specialist with Knox County Schools and writes this blog, Hall Pass, for the KCS website.


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