Karen Lampley receives an unexpected gift

Susan EspirituOur Town Neighbors, West Knoxville

The gifting of a fern can have many meanings depending on the culture and context. Some cultures regard ferns as symbols of sincerity, humility and grace or associate them with new beginnings, growth and renewal. My friend Karen Lampley would tell you that her new ferns encompass all these symbols for her.

Last week, Karen went to the Bearden area Food City and brought in two ferns from the outside to purchase. She set them down as directed while she shopped for the rest of her items. As she was walking away to shop, Karen and a sweet elderly lady had a brief conversation on the beauty of the two ferns.

About 10 minutes later, the sweet lady, Betty, came to Karen with the receipt for the ferns saying, “Have a wonderful day!” It turns out Betty loves to sing but lost her voice due to surgery and was providing my friend Karen with the wonderful blessing of the ferns’ real meaning that morning.

Karen Lampley didn’t have to say it because anyone who knows her already knew what she would do, but her response to the Betty’s kindness: “Yes, I’ll be paying it forward.”

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