John Sessoms brings his passion to CAK

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Christian Academy of Knoxville’s John Sessoms is the digital media teacher in both the high school and middle school as well the man behind the Warrior Network. His journey at CAK where he has been for almost six years is one of adventure, dedication and family.

Sessons came to love technology from making videos with his brother, literally daily, as he recalls. It grew into such a huge passion that they decided to pursue a film career. After attending film school, John traveled all over the country and some parts of the world internationally for work, and he calls it an amazing experience.

It was after those experiences he felt called to teach, so he taught film production in college for seven years. There he says he found purpose and passion.

John’s passion and purpose is for teaching, calling it a joy to teach practical technology skills and life wisdom to students within a realm of mostly unrestricted creativity. He feels it very gratifying to bring together a group of young minds in one space and witness transformation from initial uncertainty in working with cameras to collaboratively crafting really enjoyable content!

John is married to Kelly who teaches STEM at the CAK elementary school. They have a son, Sawyer, who is 7, and a daughter, Makena, who is 5. John treasures his family time, saying every moment with them makes his life better.

He also loves playing video games! Gaming was a passion before film and teaching, and he says he plans on enjoying some of his free time deep in the gaming verse.

Hat tip to Christa Margene, director of marketing & communications at CAK, who featured John Sessoms in the CAK spotlight for March.

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