John Halter completes 100-mile charity run

Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Neighbors

Charlotte Jenkins, friend of Hattie Halter with Hattie cheering John Halter during his run

A charity run raises awareness or funds for causes such as cancer research and provides a sense of purpose and motivation for the runners and donors. There is a whole different level of incentive and motivation when your daughter provides the inspiration for the running because of her own battle with the disease. Just ask John Halter who has run in the Hope4Hattie UltraMarathon for four years to raise money for organizations supporting families living with childhood cancer. He ran again beginning May 26.

John runs 100 miles in 24 hours to represent the journey of childhood cancer. He runs a 10-mile loop 10 times through Fountain City. He says, “I run 100 miles each year to represent the challenging, long and unpredictable journey of childhood cancer. I run for those who have fought, those fighting and those who are with Jesus.” To support John’s run for cancer, contributors donate to Hope4Hattie, raising $6,000 in this year’s run.

Melissa Halter, John’s wife, says of this year’s donors, “Thank you to everyone who donated, prayed, cheered and supported!” She also praised the dads of other children with cancer who journeyed with John and cheered him along the way.

While you’re following other websites and stories, please stay connected with this very worthy cause that is making a difference for so many families: Hope4Hattie.

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