JD Lambert shares years of school band archives

Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Youth

I couldn’t resist JD Lambert’s Facebook post this week as he recognized years of Central’s bands from the 1960s and 70s. Not only did he share recordings that band parent and East TN band historian Ron Rogers had archived from Central, but some archived from Fountain City and Shannondale Elementary.

Now I can’t be absolutely positive, but I played the clarinet in 1969 for Shannondale and played in one concert. Then I quit because I was terrible, not that you can hear my lack of talent in the recording. I may have been in this recording and I can’ t believe it’s archived anywhere. So, I share these for all of you, who like me want your grandkids to send you a laughing out loud emoji as they tolerate your texts. Yes, I sent mine this recording. YouTube archived recordings. Enjoy.

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