Cove at Concord gets new entrance

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Knox County construction crews are currently building a new entrance and exit to the Cove at Concord Park.

The current gateways, located at S. Northshore Drive, will remain open until the new ones, which will reside about 300 feet east, open. Crews are expected to finish the project in late November. The work will also include a new turn lane for motorists traveling westbound, so that traffic can more easily and efficiently flow down S. Northshore Drive.

Previously, anyone turning into the popular park would typically back up traffic. Additionally, the crews will build a taper on the side of the road for those folks traveling eastbound in case they, too, need to get around traffic.

“This is really going to be a win-win for everyone because the community loves this park and it’s always good when we can do things to make public assets better,” Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs said. “We’ve always focused on safety and this is one more example. Visitors come from across the county and even the region to enjoy the Cove and this will make access easier and safer.”

Jim Snowden, senior director of Engineering and Public Works, agreed.

“Right now, when you’re pulling out and you look left, there’s a lot of vegetation that blocks the sight distance,” Snowden said. “The new entrance will maximize the sight distance and allow a driver to see better.”

In addition to the roadwork, which in being done inhouse, construction crews also will pave the Cove’s overflow parking lot.

Also, is Harrell Road Stomwater Park about to have a new name? Tune in next week to find out but I can say that we’ve had some crews devoting a lot of energy cleaning it up and making it look sharp!

Our electricians have spent quite a bit of time working on scoreboards and lights at various parks, including John Tarleton. Other crews are out putting up new signs around the parks and changing locks.

Please note that the department will begin winterizing most of the bathrooms at our parks beginning Nov. 1. They’ll remain closed through March.

As always, the folks at Engineering and Public Works were also busy this week as well. Here’s a snapshot of just some of the work they did:

  • Guardrail repair on Swafford Road Bridge over Beaver Creek
  • Installation of box culvert footing for new Schaad Road Extension project
  • Installation of drainage pipe on Tillett Lane
  • Cleaned out pipes using new jet-vac truck on Apache Trail

Enjoy the carousel of photos.

Mike Donila is communications director for Knox County government.


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