How to reconnect the digitally distracted

Sandra ClarkOur Town Kids

Parents and caregivers are invited to hear psychotherapist Tom Kersting speak on “How to Reconnect our Digitally Distracted Kids.” The free program is 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, at Knoxville Catholic High School gym.

Kersting is an expert on the harmful effects devices have on children and the addictive nature of social media. He is a regular contributor on Fox News and appears frequently on Good Morning America, The Today Show and Oprah’s Wellness Network.

The average kid today spends more than eight hours a day, seven days a week on electronic devices. The result is a malleable brain that is re-wired to assimilate well in a virtual world, but not so well in the real world, according to Kersting’s website.

“Kids’ brains are unable to cope with ‘real-life’ issues, causing chronic anxiety, attention deficit, depression, poor social skills, academic and family relationship problems.”

The presentation is sponsored by the Catholic Schools’ Office of the Diocese of Knoxville. Kersting will be keynote speaker on Friday, Sept. 20, for all teachers and administrators of the 10 Catholic schools in the diocese.

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