‘Heroes of the Faith’ at CAK

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CAK third graders have fun with history

Traditionally, the third graders at Christian Academy of Knoxville present a wax museum each spring. It is an anticipated part of the curriculum that students look forward to when they enter the third grade. This year was no exception. On March 8, family and friends gathered in the middle school gym where 52 third graders hosted a special showcase titled “Heroes of the Faith.”

Each student represented a hero in God’s ministry. The students began the project by choosing a person of faith and their ministry. Next a book about their chosen person was read, and then classes with the elementary school librarian, Adrienne Toro, were presented as she guided the children through lessons encompassing concepts on researching text and organizing information to be used in their assignment.

The third graders then partnered with their teachers, Kim Jenkins, Jana Poland and Vicki Smith, to formulate speeches and material used to develop their information boards. The students also worked at home to memorize the speeches and complete the boards.

The work completed by the children is considered higher level learning, but they were up for the challenge and jumped into the undertaking enthusiastically. The students’ endeavors were evident with such Christian celebrities as C. S. Lewis, Amy Carmichael, David Livingstone, Jim Elliot, Gladys Aylward, Lottie Moon and many others.

The teachers agreed that this project, although tedious for a third grader, has grown the students’ abilities tremendously. Not only are their third-grade skills refined, but their understanding of how God prepares His people to minister to others ignites their interest in their own God-given plan and where it will lead them.

Julya Johnson is director of communications at CAK

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