Hemmelgarn and Sultan: Best friends, co-valedictorians

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, West Knoxville

Friendships are an essential piece of our life’s tapestry. When we are in elementary school, we form them based on the lighthearted fun experiences of shared pastimes or playing together at recess. In middle school, friendships become more challenging as we navigate peer pressure and other issues of adolescence. By the time we finally make it to high school, our friendships solidify into those people who we depend on for support and comradery. Rarely do we find a friend that travels with us through all the years to fill the role in each time of our lives.

Oliver Hemmelgarn and Ayaz Sultan have found that rare gem of friendship, having been classmates throughout their tenure at Sequoyah Elementary, Bearden Middle and now graduating from West High School. Hemmelgarn’s family lived one year in Kansas but the friendship sill thrived.

The extending caveat to this remarkable friendship resides in their dedication to their education as well. Both Oliver and Ayaz are valedictorians at West High School and are sharing the honor as co-valedictorians, graduating together as the best friends they have been since they started together so many years ago.

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