Hear Nancy Cooper Herd

Sandra ClarkPowell

Story updated to reflect correct spelling of Nancy Cooper Herd.

If you missed the Powell History Club on June 14, you missed much stimulation. First, Carol Springer brought a few of the kaleidoscopes she’s collected from over the world while she traveled with a career military husband.

They ranged from two to four mirrors; one had an air pump to make the pieces move; another was small enough to fit on a necklace. And every one had a story.

Before we adjourned, Nancy Cooper Herd said she was prepared to sing. We had been encouraging just that for the past few meetings. From her seat at The Front Porch, she sang a sweet rendition of “He Touched Me.” As she continued, diners in other parts of the restaurant quieted. We’ve included a 19-second clip for your enjoyment.

Nancy Cooper Herd was born in “the white house on the corner” beside Powell Elementary School that looked like a castle. She comes to the history club with Carol Woods, a professional home therapist and Mrs. Herd’s caregiver.

Nancy Cooper graduated from Powell High School in 1950, a member of the first class to graduate in the then-new building. For years she sang the national anthem for the PHS Alumni Banquet. Her husband was an accountant at Broadacres for years. They raised five children in a home on Copeland Road. She will be 85 in September.



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