Have I mentioned I like Scott Wilson?

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Yes, I like Scott after a brief phone interview and this story.

Scott is principal broker at Realty Executives Associates, Main Street in Sweetwater. On LinkedIn, he does “Main Street Tips” – good advice to new agents from a not-so-new one.

Here’s what Scott says about picture-taking: It’s vital to attract prospective homebuyers through cutting-edge visuals. High-quality real estate pictures can give homebuyers that valuable first impression that can lead to a phone call – or even a sale. Properties represented by high-quality photos are also likely to sell faster and for more.

East Tennessee Realtors
is the new name for the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors. Good move, folks. ETR is welcoming to non-Knoxville elements of East Tennessee. Adding “area” to Knoxville Association of Realtors was not.

I can remember when it was called the Knoxville Board of Realtors. Barney Thompson, longtime executive director, urged the change from “board” to “association.” His reason: People call in here thinking we have authority over agents and brokers. We don’t.

Arthur Jemison has tackled affordable housing problems in Detroit, Washington, D.C. and now in Boston. He was hired by Boston Mayor Michelle Wu to head the Boston Planning and Development Agency. A recent article in Forbes found that the average monthly rent in Boston is roughly $3,400.

I visited a friend in San Francisco in 1984, but I couldn’t stay at her house. She had all her rooms rented to various folks in order to make her house payment.

Jemison says change must come. Business as usual has left too many people behind during Boston’s resurgence, and the city needs more environmentally friendly and affordable housing.

Meanwhile, Mayor Wu, like politicians of all ideological stripes, says maybe the problem is the planning board itself. Maybe we should abolish it.

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