Gresham votes three as ‘Teachers of the Year’

Susan EspirituFountain City

Gresham Middle School announced three teachers selected by their peers to represent the school as 2023 Teachers of the Year. The Knox County Teacher of the Year for each grade band will be announced from all district-wide delegates in February.

Tyler Prohaska is a social studies teacher. Glover says he “creates connections with all of students by getting to know them through his classroom setting. In addition, he creates engaging resources to promote critical thinking and always provides positive feedback to his students, along with constructive criticism to ensure that they are able to grow.”

Lucie Gilot is an art teacher. Glover says of Gilot: “She has the MOST requested class at GMS. Due to her ability to invoke the creative side in ALL of our students, she provides opportunities for students to do and be more than even they thought possible.”

Maggie Burst is a student support teacher. Melissa Glover, Gresham principal, says Burst “works every day to ensure that all of our students are supported with what they need to be successful. She never lowers her expectations for students and is proof of what students are capable of when they have an adult who believes in them.”

Congratulations to three outstanding middle school teachers making a difficult age in students’ lives more exciting and fulfilling at Gresham Middle School!

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