Gibbs PTA supports school with book vending machine

Susan EspirituGibbs/Corryton, Our Town Youth

view of the book vending machine

When I was principal, regulations began outlawing vending machines which, considering the health of our children, was not necessarily a bad thing. Recently, a new form of vending machine has appeared in school buildings: book kiosks. It’s a wonderful concept that I hope builds intrigue with students as the machines include current books of interest for today’s readers, because there is one truth that students who make reading a regular habit will continually sharpen reading abilities and unlock the many benefits that reading offers.

Gibbs Elementary PTA added a book vending machine for their students to use this year. Students will be rewarded with tokens from the Gibbs PTA they can use to purchase books from the new book vending machine.

The new machines not only promote literacy but also provide a unique and engaging experience for book enthusiasts and zero calories per book!

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