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How is science class going for your kids this school year? How about plans for an upcoming science fair? In case you have a learner who wants to dig into discovering more about energy, prepare a science fair experiment or just find another way of learning energy concepts, we’ve rounded up some links you might find helpful.

Need a simple video to get started? Here’s a brief video by the Department of Energy that shows up close how solar modules and photovoltaic cells work.

How did Benjamin Franklin really feel when he discovered electricity? The answer to this and other burning energy questions in riddle form is here at this Energy Kids site.

Students can learn about the scientist dubbed the Sun Queen with PBS. Here is the link to view the documentary film about Maria Telkes, who was ahead of her time as a pioneer in developing solar technology.

Who knew PV technology had been around so long? Explore this online view of artifacts dating back for decades at the Museum of Solar Energy.

More interested in the big picture? This is a series of visually interesting, though somewhat outdated, Energy Literacy Videos by DOE.

Here’s a broad sampling of videos PBS offers on climate literacy.

Motivated to make something for your local science fair? Science Buddies devotes an entire section to Energy & Power projects like a miniature solar-powered car! Plus, Science-U shows you how to make the popular solar oven.

Interested in how solar technology is deployed every day in East Tennessee? Here’s a quick glance at some of our latest projects, along with a summary of how we’re supporting education for kids as well as lifelong learners.

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