Ftn City Pres joins Operation Backyard on build

Susan EspirituFountain City

In a world seeming filled with despair, there is hope!

Last Friday, 16 of those good intentioned souls from Fountain City Presbyterian Church joined Jeremiah Branson from Operation Backyard to brave the downpours and build a handicapped ramp for a community member, unknown to them except through the connection of Operation Backyard.

 Operation Backyard is a local organization devoted to serving those in need of critical home repairs who either cannot afford the cost to hire someone or face barriers to performing the repairs themselves.

The 16 volunteers included: Bill Keeler, Carl Grosse, Chris Rohwer, Dave Robertson, Dave Smith, Don Grogan, Jim McIntosh, Joe Judge, Joe Ben Wilson, Joe Schnorr, Mike Lamb, Tere McDonough, Tom Bjornholm, Tom McDonough, Walt Tappan and Kay McIntosh.

 A community of helping hands reaching out to others in need is what we need to hear about. So, know that there are organizations and many good people waking up each day with good intentions in their daily plans, not for evil but for good! Stay focused on the good my friends.

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