Foliage fades on Rabbit Creek Trail

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Wildflower Report – Rabbit Creek Trail (From Abrams Creek to Hannah Mt. Trail)

  • Blue Asters – Few – Past peak bloom – almost gone.
  • Curtis Aster – Few – Slightly past peak bloom.
  • White Snake Root – (1) – Well past peak bloom – almost gone.
  • White Top Aster – (1) – Nice.

Oak leaves against a bright blue sky.

Fall Foliage Report – Rabbit Creek Trail (From Abrams Creek to Hannah Mt. Trail)

  • Blueberry – Red leaves.
  • Hickory – Dark yellow leaves.
  • Red Maple – Red foliage (many still have nice foliage).
  • Red Oak – Red leaves (some are at peak color).
  • Sassafras – Mostly yellow foliage.
  • Scarlett Oaks – Red leaves (Some leaves at peak – others approaching peak).
  • Sourwood – Foliage with colors: Bright red, hot pink, orange and yellow – mostly past peak).
  • Sugar Maple – Some yellow leaves and some orange leaves.
  • Tulip – Yellow foliage.

A final closeup. See you next year, Tom Harrington.

Special Notes:

  1. Much of the bright colored leaves have fallen and many of the leaves remaining have faded; however, there is still some delightful foliage to enjoy.
  2. Wildflower and foliage reports for 2023 will be suspended unless instructions are received to do otherwise.

Tom Harrington is a regular hiker who reports on wildflowers in the Smokies.


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